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Nov 19, 2018

Ron and Ed welcome Schmoes Know co-host Mark Ellis to talk about his Nerd GOAT: Leonardo! Also, never forget: Raphael is the Dennis Rodman of Ninja Turtling.

Mark is one half of the original SCHMOES KNOW MOVIES duo, and a leading creative voice behind the COLLIDER network. You can find his current series, MOVIE TRIVIA SCHMOEDOWN, on the Collider YouTube channel, alongside a ton of other great nerd content. Check out his websites and, even better, for live show dates and other info. And of course follow him @markellislive on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


“We’ve lived long enough to see ourselves become basic.”

“If you give the rat the credibility of being like a Belichick, then Leonardo is his Tom Brady.”

“I like Batman, but Batman was like, ‘I am leading you, because you are all so f**king dumb.’ And Leonardo never came from that place.”

“How many Department of Waste Management New York City workers did the Turtles honestly murder though? Because they found their lair, and it’s just easier to snap a neck real quick.”

“Somebody’s gonna come in here and say Raphael’s the best Turtle.” “And they voted for Trump.”

“Hey, how ‘bout we team up and kill this kid?

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