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Nov 27, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to Screen Junkies’ JTE about his Nerd GOAT: The Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa! Recorded pre-Creed 2, so don’t sweat the spoilers.

(BTW GOATers: Happy belated Thanksgiving, and thanks for your patience on the delayed release!)

JTE is the behind-the-scenes magic man at SCREEN JUNKIES! He also runs a rad YouTube channel called JTE MOVIE THINKS, where you just might find a hot-off-the-presses Creed 2 spoiler review. Follow @jtemoviethinks on Twitter and Instagram, plus look for the return of the JTE Movie Thinks podcast!


“I took a year off work. Didn’t do anything for a year. I woke up every morning, I played basketball, I walked around South America just kind of exploring and eating food. It’s really cheap to live down there.”

“Rocky is a character who gets what life is really about.”

“It’s about a guy who isn’t dumb. He’s just having his worldview expanded.”

“Sometimes this conception of white athletes is just like, ‘Ah, well their white smarts is what allows them to compete with the…’”

“You watch those first two films, they are such 70s films. Then you get to 3 and 4, and they are 80s films, through and through. 5 is a bad 90s movie, through and through.”

“I think the most interesting fight would be ‘Rocky 1’ and ‘Rocky Balboa.’”

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