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Dec 17, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to Aaron Ram Powell about his Nerd GOAT: X-Factor’s Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man! An under-appreciated, over-the-top Renaissance X-Man.

Aaron is a writer, comedian, podcaster, photographer, cosplayer, doctor and licensed sex therapist (yes, really), whose wide breadth of interests informs his love of his GOAT. Subscribe to his podcasts AARON EXPLAINS THE UNIVERSE and STUPID MOVE TUESDAY for hilarity and profundity. Follow him @urfavskinnyman on Twitter, @yourfavoriteskinnyman on Instagram and @AaronRamPowell on Facebook!


“To this day, I very rarely watch porn with sound.”

“Weather hates white people in the Midwest for some reason.”

“Multiple naked penises on this page? Not here at Marvel Comics!”

“He can do everything, but his plan to do everything never really works out.”

“I always tell myself: If I’m the same person that I was five years ago, I wasted five years.”

“Wolfsbane got pregnant with basically this demon baby that would bring about the apocalypse because, y’know, X-Men.”

“I feel bad for Nightcrawler sometimes, because all of his teammates have damn near banged his mom.”

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