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Dec 24, 2018

Ron and Ed close out 2018 with Ron's very own Nerd GOAT: Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files…Who is literally a mash-up of John Constantine and Ron Swallow.

** Merry Christmas to all our fellow Nerds and GOATS! **

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“He’s constantly trying to prove he’s good, because he’s got this past that kinda weighs on him – which was like my entire childhood.”

“Gotta watch out for those Combat Werewolves.”


“He literally rides a dinosaur while shooting magic. If you don’t think that’s badass, I don’t know what is badass.”

“I’d be the first one to conjure in the shower.”

“This reminded me of a thing I wanted to draw attention to, just for anybody with a weird girlfriend like mine…” “I can’t wait to see where this goes.” “Wow.”


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