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Jan 21, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to Mrs. Brightside herself Lacretia Lyon about her Nerd GOAT: John Constantine! This episode makes smoking cool again, kids. Fair warning.

Lacretia is a comedian/host who is a frequent contributor to AFTERBUZZ TV! She also hosts her own podcast about the funny side of mental health called MRS. BRIGHTSIDE, the best use of her Psych degree anyone could hope for! If you’re in LA, catch her February 8 on the NERD NIGHTS live show at Sycamore Tavern. Follow @lacretialyon on Twitter and Instagram, and visit her website!


“‘Wait, so you watched Buffy and it really made you want to do witchcraft?’ I’m like, ‘I was curious!’”

"This year he is full time with Legends of Tomorrow, and I still haven’t gotten my fruit basket, Matt Ryan. ‘Cause part of that, according to some of the writers on Legends of Tomorrow, was because I would not shut up about him on AfterbuzzTV."

"Damning a little girl to hell…You can’t really get worse than that. He does try though."

"Now that you said unicorns, I am super-pumped."

"If my sandwich disappeared as I was about to murder people, I would murder more people."

"As long as it always ends with gay sex, then it’s good."

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