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Feb 4, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to graphic novelist Yehudi Mercado about his Nerd GOAT: Bobby Hill from King of the Hill! Stick around for his pitch for a Bobby Hill series!

Yehudi is an animator and cartoonist who has worked for such outlets as Disney Interactive and Playmation. He has a series in development at Cartoon Network, and has published several graphic novels that you should definitely buy! BUFFALO SPEEDWAY, about the misadventures of a pizza delivery guy; HERO HOTEL, about a bellhop at a resort for superheroes; PANTALONES, TX, about the desert’s wildest town; ROCKET SALVAGE, about a trio of clones repairing rocket racing ships; and most recently SCI-FU, about a 1980s DJ who mixes a beat so perfect it summons a UFO that whisks him away to cosmic adventures.

Order all his work from! Follow Yehudi @supermercadocomics on Instagram and @ymercado on Twitter!


“I think porn stars eat green beans. I’m gonna go out on a limb.” “Where’s your proof?! Back that up!”

“I’m constantly telling people, Ed, that their world is a sugar-coated topping.”

“My dad liked to crush my dreams. He was a huge fan of doing that.”

“Her husband is on the couch behind her, with an even smaller towel.”

“Porn is great to watch, it is not good to live.”

“Mike Judge, if you’re listening, please forgive Ron for not knowing Office Space from The Office.”

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