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Feb 25, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to animator Georgia Henderson about her Nerd GOAT: Princess Zelda! An OG video game GOAT who’s so much more than Link’s would-be girlfriend.

Georgia is a storyboard artist and animator who’s worked on such shows as JEFF & SOME ALIENS and DALLAS & ROBO. She’s a contributor to the all-ages comic anthology ELECTRUM and the creator of the amazing comic ELLI AND HER PAPA, about a half-elf girl who can talk to animals and other creatures. Buy her work at her website, and follow her @georgiahen17 on Twitter and especially Instagram!


“So she’s basically like the Lost Boys-meets-Short Round?”

“Courage and heart teaming up together can always beat power.” “Or summon Captain Planet.”

“It’s not that the narrative of a princess being saved is inherently bad, we just see it a lot.”

Beverly Hills Ninja did a disservice to the fat ninja industry.”

“She puts him in a barrel and like f**king launches him into the wall, and is like ‘See ya! Good luck!’”

“I spent forty hours getting pigeons.”

“You know what I learned? The jazz that they play in the cantina is called ‘jizz.’ He named it jizz. This is a real thing.” “George Lucas, man. How can you be a genius and so stupid, all at the same time?”

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