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Mar 4, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to ScreenJunkies’ Joe Starr about his Nerd GOAT: Rodimus Prime! Yes, this is our first Transformers GOAT...AND IT’S THE ONE YOU ALL DESERVE.

Joe is one of the head writers at SCREENJUNKIES! He just released an amazing new LP called A BRITISH MURDER ROBOT TRIES STANDUP COMEDY, about a trashcan-looking genocidal alien who rises quickly in the alt-comedy scene. Also, DO NOT MISS his bitchin' Twitch show on the Hyper-RPG channel HE LEFT IT DEAD, a tabletop role-play based on the Call of Cthulhu system where every character is going insane – Vol. 3 starts March 12!

Or if you REALLY like Joe, you can buy him a Power Of The Primes Rodmius Prime action figure on Amazon...


“If you don’t have an edgelord phase, you’re not real.”

“Every time I wanna picture speed and power, I just picture a f**kin’ semi-truck with a f**kin’ Lamborghini nose.”

“Rodimus Prime’s look is like cilantro. There’s some people who have a gene where it’s just so tasty, and there’s people who have a gene where it just tastes like soap.”

“Optimus Prime is still out there. But he just f**king calls himself Rodimus because he thinks he earns it. He thinks he deserves it.”

“’Bumblebee: Inferior. Soundwave: Superior.’ Like he would literally say Hitler Youth type sh*t at the other Transformers.”

“All sociopaths pretend to change.”

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