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Apr 1, 2019

Ron and Producer Bill talk to Ryan Niemiller about his Nerd GOAT: Link, from the Zelda game franchise! Our first GOAT to never utter a single word...

Ryan is a hilarious comedian who can be found @CrippleThreat8 across social AND video game media! Check him out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, XBox Live, PSN, and Steam! And watch those feeds for a major, MAJOR announcement coming up in the next few months.


"If you really wanna protest, go out and destroy other people’s property, that’s what we’re saying. That’s the message here on Nerd GOAT."

"If you’re mad someone’s buried in their phone when you’re talking to them in person? Be more interesting."

"I’m a human pessimist. But when it comes to the nerd sh*t that I like, I will always find the positive in everything first."

“You had to use four cartridges to get through all the levels.” “...That all had EIGHT MEGABYTES of memory!”

"I had no shoulders. I just had a neck."

"Where I’m from, it’s cute that you would think that science is a real thing."

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