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Apr 8, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to fellow podcaster Nick Jones about his Nerd GOAT: The Crow! This one gets dark as we swap revenge fantasies…and, uh...realities.

Nick is the co-host of the podcast FILM GUFF, featuring "low-brow talk about low-rent movies." Dip your toe in with the PHONE SEX episode, guest-starring our own Nerd GOAT family member Klee Wiggins. Follow Nick @Laneit360 on Twitter, and Film Guff @FilmGuff on Twitter, and check out their website!


“What if Superman rose from the dead to kill the guys who killed Lois Lane, then he had to go right back in the grave afterward?”

“Anyone who’s old enough to remember drive-ins, first of all, take your geritol, you gotta sh*t in a couple hours. Secondly, call your kids.”

“Lots of people who had picked on me in school have met unfortunate ends.”

Captain Marvel needs to f**kin’ look at the needle drops from The Crow. Just be like, ‘This is how ya needle drop!’”

“Hug a bunny before you stab a guy in the throat.”

“She flies her X-Wing to Detroit, lands on a couple of tenements, smashes ‘em, no one cares.”

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