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Apr 29, 2019

Ron and Ed welcome legendary TV writer Marc Scott Zicree to talk about his Nerd GOAT: Mr. Spock! Our most profound story yet of how a GOAT can impact a life.

Marc has written hundreds of hours of television, for everything from He-Man, The Smurfs and The Real Ghostbusters as a young man, to Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Babylon 5, Sliders and many more. He is the author of the worldwide bestsellers THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION and Guillermo Del Toro's CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. Most recently, Marc parlayed a $1 million crowdfunding success into his own spacefaring franchise SPACE COMMAND, starring Doug Jones and Nichelle Nichols! His YouTube channel MR. SCI FI is an indispensable potpourri of geek media. Follow him @MarcZicree on Twitter and Facebook, and at his website!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Episode 100 is fast approaching, and with it, our 2nd ANNUAL GOAT OF GOATS TOURNAMENT! It's a bracket-style tournament that pits our Season 2 Nerd GOATs against each other in a Battle Royale to rule them all – and your votes decide who comes out on top!

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"My heroes weren’t the actors, my heroes were the writers."

"I never wanted to be like Kirk. I mean, you know…He’s such a hothead and so narcissistic."

"Michael Reeves and I and a friend of ours named Winston Engle, we worked up a Captain Sulu series."

"Leonard Nimoy, by my lights, was always playing the Vulcan first and the human second. In other words, the Vulcan was in control. I always thought Zachary Quinto was playing the human first and the Vulcan second."

"Hey, it’s a stable world that’s led by a computer. Well, let’s blow the f**ker up!”

“That’s one of, I’d say probably six 50-to-60-year-old white dudes who could steal my girlfriend.”

"Every now and then they’ll find some Christians who, like, eat each other and throw people in volcanoes."

"The key question is ‘What do you stand for?’ And you have to mean it."


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