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May 13, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to Comedy Store regular Brian Simpson about his Nerd GOAT: Grand Admiral Thrawn! The only character to make it out alive from the Star Wars EU!

Brian is a super-funny standup, and he hosts the podcast BS WITH BRIAN SIMPSON, a ranting, skeptical take on life and pop culture. Follow Brian @bscomedian on Instagram and at his website!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Episode 100 is fast approaching, and with it, our 2nd ANNUAL GOAT OF GOATS TOURNAMENT! It's a bracket-style tournament that pits our Season 2 Nerd GOATs against each other in a Battle Royale to rule them all – and your votes decide who comes out on top!

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“I always kinda liked villains, but there had never been a perfect villain until I came across Grand Admiral Thrawn.”

“He would be studying your people’s art, to tell him what you’re afraid of, what’s important to you.”

“He got stabbed by his own bodyguard. And you know what he said, you know what his final words were? ‘Well played.’”

“I play dozens of games of chess everyday.”

“There has to be unity to start branching out into the rest of the galaxy. We have to put all of our resources in the same bucket. So I feel like there has to be a planetary culture before you hit that.”

“Jean-Luc was my dude before Thrawn!”

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