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May 27, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to animator/comedian Ron Yavnieli about his Nerd GOAT: Popeye the Sailor Man! A glorious romp through the Golden Age of cartoons.

Ron is the creator, artist and voice actor behind DreamworksTV's GORILLAVILLE, available on YouTube and Amazon Prime! Find all of Ron's work at Follow @ron_yavnieli on Instagram and Twitter, and @ronimation on YouTube and DeviantArt !


ANNOUNCEMENT: Episode 100 is fast approaching, and with it, our 2nd ANNUAL GOAT OF GOATS TOURNAMENT! It's a bracket-style tournament that pits our Season 2 Nerd GOATs against each other in a Battle Royale to rule them all – and your votes decide who comes out on top!

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“It’s the same with any creative endeavor: When you’re working for another person, it’s about executing their ideas or polishing their ideas, or their boss’s ideas, or their boss’s boss’s ideas. It’s not about doing your own thing.”

“He innovated this thing where if someone threw a punch, you moved out of the way.”

“If you didn’t want to wear a yarmulke you could wear a hat. So, of course, I wore a sailor hat.”

“He’s the angel, I’m the devil. I’m tellin’ you to do it, he’s trying to spare your sanity.”

“Popeye was like the prototypical superhero, because he came before Superman and any of the others. I think he was maybe the first character to be bulletproof.”

“There’s something rustic and quaint about his pipe. Every other pipe I’ve seen in fiction is just too ostentatious.”

“Look up ‘Genndy Tartakovsky Popeye’!” (Here, we did it for you:

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