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Jun 3, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to This Is Rad's Matthew Burnside about his Nerd GOAT: Egon Spengler! Featuring a real-life ghost story that will legitimately terrify you.

Matthew co-hosts your OTHER favorite podcast, the illustrious THIS IS RAD. Go check out multiple episodes starring Ed's diatribes on Star Wars, or Ron's epic trip down Spider-Man Lane. Follow @matthewburnside on Instagram, and follow @ThisIsRadPod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Episode 100 is fast approaching, and with it, our 2nd ANNUAL GOAT OF GOATS TOURNAMENT! It's a bracket-style tournament that pits our Season 2 Nerd GOATs against each other in a Battle Royale to rule them all – and your votes decide who comes out on top!

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“For the most part, leaders are worthless and do not need to be put up on pedestals and celebrated.”

“I love Ghostbusters as a film because it’s this great blue-collar entrepreneurial story.”

“I follow an account on Instagram called ‘Kids Getting Hurt’.”

“I am the most skeptical of people and that is scaring the SH*T out of me.”

“Hearing the moment-to-moment thoughts of our peers ruined the world.”

“Jack the Ripper and the orangutan from ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ f**ked this dude UP.” “He got his d*ck ripped off and a screwdriver in his back.” “He died while live-streaming and nobody noticed for 15 minutes before they took it down, and it was just this dude bleeding out with this f**kin’ see-through monkey standing over him. It’s the best thing the internet’s got all week, man!”

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