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Jul 2, 2018

Double-sized anniversary issue! Ron and Ed welcome fan favorite guest Juan-Manuel Rocha, to close out the Tournament of GOATs...And crown The GOAT of GOATS!

Witness our Elite Eight, based on YOUR votes:

From the YOUNG PUNKS Division: Luke Skywalker vs. Spider-Man!

From the MISUNDERSTOOD OUTSIDERS: Captain Picard vs. The Joker!

From the DASHING ROGUES: Wolverine vs. Han Solo!

From the RAW POWERHOUSES: Morpheus vs. The Hulk!

  • Who will reign supreme?
  • Which match-up is like the 2016 election?
  • Is Luke Skywalker REALLY the greatest Jedi ever?
  • Does Captain Jean-Luc Picard have lowkey superpowers?
  • And what amazing media has already given us the championship match-up??

All answers will be revealed in the build-up to our Championship Round! Is it Luke vs. Han? The Joker vs. The Sandman? Spider-Man vs. The Hulk?? Listen to find out!

Juan-Manuel is the creator of Comics On Comics, the OG nerd podcast! If you're headed to San Diego Comic-Con, DO NOT MISS Juan's Thursday night Spanish-language panel Comics Con Comics, nor his NINTH Annual Friday Night Comics on Comics panel! And of course, watch the COC YouTubeSoundcloudInstagram and Twitter feeds for livestreams and updates!

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