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Jan 7, 2019

Ron and Producer Bill kick off 2019 with Zack Beseda talking about his Nerd GOAT: Ashley J. Williams from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness! Give us some sugar, baby.

Zack is a comedy writer who hosts your new second-favorite podcast (because we’ll always be #1 in your heart): SO FAST SO FURIOUS. Zack and his co-hosts dissect every film of the Fast & Furious franchise…One quarter-hour at a time. Follow @sofastpodcast and @zackforreel on Twitter and @zack_withak on Instagram.


“I saw Army of Darkness probably twenty times before I ever saw Evil Dead, because I was real scared of scary movies as a kid.”

“It’s the one time I ever heard lines that I knew were cheesy…But really enjoyed them!”

“What they wanted to do was a horror film as if it had been done by The Three Stooges.”

“He’s very much the anti-Chosen One, right? He is the least qualified, most unwilling, just totally…does not even want to deal with this shit, and yet he has to keep saving the world.”

“Vintage Bruce Campbell as Plastic Man would knock it out of the park.”

“I wish I had a chin like that. I had to grow a beard to have a chin.”

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